Thanksgiving 2012 & Black Friday

Thanksgiving 2012 & Black Friday

Hey friends, and happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was able to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

My mom came down on Wednesday, without the dog (thank god)! She will be here until sometime tomorrow. I love spending time with her!

The three of us went to the farm for Thanksgiving dinner. I took a green bean casserole, and mom took a cous cous salad. The dinner was around 2ish, however we got there around 11 to make some apple cider. The boys pretty much enjoyed throwing apples, and seeing how much of a mess they could make. It was interesting.

The dinner was BALLING!!! I mean, it was amazing to see all the variety, and enjoy it like crazy. I filled my plate once, and that was it. BUT I had been snacking on crackers with cheese, and dip. Man, it was a good day!

Eventually we came home, hung out, and mom and I went back out around 8 to get inline for Target to open at 9. The line was pretty short, and loads of fun. We had lots of fun, and got a lot of deals. However, after that we went home and passed out.

This morning though we got moving a little after 7, and did not stop until around 5. We hit a ton of stores: Bath and Body Works, Barre Minerals, Victoria Secret’s, Vineyard Vines (just to look), Three Dog Bakery, See’s Candies, Dick Sporting Goods, Build-A-Bear, Coldwater Creek, HomeGoods, REI, World Market, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Petco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and finally the ABC store.

We got Mimi’s Cafe for lunch. Mom and I enjoyed a little bit of Starbucks between malls. Luckily Kenneth joined us for lunch and a few stores; but then was like “see ya crazies, I’m out.” However, mom got him to help us carry stuff in tonight. Needless to say, the car was STUFFED. Luckily we made out pretty good, and I think Christmas shopping is all done now.

Luckily I can organize on Sunday all of my items I have bought (and then look at my bank account, or lack thereof). I will say that shopping is very relaxing, but the HUGE dent to my bank account is HORRIBLE. Yikes! Hopefully the bank will not look too bad (hopefully).

Okay, well off here for dinner. Plus hopefully sleeping like a baby tonight!

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